Spawning at start of the mission when joining ongoint match, Elevators make it unable to progress

Issue Description:
Another bug is that sometimes you join an ongoing match, but you will spawn very near the start, so on some maps with elevators, you can not proceed, you can step into the elevator shaft and fall down, but you will die, unless you have Zealots “Until Death” passive ready, and if you do manage to drop without dying, you will be stuck there, on top of the elevator. You can not drop down, but you will be able to shoot enemies through the openings of the elevator.
I took a screenshot of it, but lost it sadly.

Seriously Fatshark, fix your game, and listen to the community. Just saying, but the locks still have not been removed and the RNG still sucks, like most of your still surprisingly active playerbase, which is already low, wanted to change. If you keep doing your job like this, the game will soon die completely, and the remaining players won’t find anyone to join, and since there is no solo play, they will stop as well. This is btw. already a huge issue, the not finding players part, I wonder why.
Also server issues are a huge pain, I get disconnected so many times, so many times missions are just “aborted”, and if that does not happen, then I might just crash when trying to reconnect, or shorty before the end of the mission. No, its not my PC nor internet, I have a high end rig that runs everything else fine.

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