Since Double-barrel Shotgun is coming, we could think about shotguns' balance

For a double barrel I guess you could effectively go 2 routes with it.

A sawed off with a lot of close range damage, many pellets, and a big spread for barrel stuffing specials and hordes or a long barrel hunting shotgun with far more accuracy and range compared to combat variant.

Imo it would be best if that was the 2 versions of it really, your trade off would essentially be having less ammo and being far more specialized vs a general shotgun. You may also end up having to reload during a critical moment or get rushed by far more than 2 blasts can handle.

Shotguns have definitely been power creeped out of relevance. They need an ammo buff at the very least.


On this I can agree.

Another thing I forgot is limb damage. Shotguns would definitely be at least 60% more consistent if they got the same buff plasma did and every hitzone but the head was 1.0x or better. Kantrael hitting arms is sadness, that 25% lost damage usually cheating you out of the one shot you were running Kantrael and aiming for body shots with. So unnecessarily taxing.

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I cannot fathom why Fatshark is bringing a double barrel shotgun to Darktide.

Double barrel break action shotguns aren’t really a 40k weapon. I cannot recall a single piece of art, lore, or model that features one. It feels like someone hamfisting their Doom fetish into a 40k game, while leaving tons of far more appropriate and high-profile weapons on the table.

Every model with a shotgun in 40k is a huge pump action tube-fed thingy. There might be some magazine-fed shotguns somewhere, I don’t recall seeing them, but they’d be way more appropriate than a break action double-barrel. I could see an Arbites squad or Guardsmen rolling around with something mag-fed like a Vepr12 or a Benelli M4, but not a break-action. Break-actions are sporting goods, not combat weapons.

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Top left, its another hive ganger weapon. I agree hiver weapons are in general aids (the stub revolver…) but at least this one is fun.

I’m not surprised that there’s been some models with double barrel shotguns, but also not surprised they were 30 year old mini’s from a sub-IP. My big struggle is that I have a hard time seeing them be fun in Darktide, I hope I’m wrong about that but the same reason such firearms aren’t often considered weapons in real life (and are allowed to be owned in many places where almost any other firearm is not) is because of their lack of utility as weapons. Videogames typically make these work by making the reload inhumanely fast (and fiddle-fingers-free of loading problems) and turning the double-blast into a sort of point-blank BFG. To my mind, if we’re going to exaggerate a weapon that much in order to make it fun to use much why not have just developed any of the more iconic space-fantasy weapons in the game universe instead :sweat_smile:?

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Yeah pretty surprising that they’ve chosen to add quite possibly the most mundane gun of all time to Darktide.

Then again, maybe it’s the simplicity that means it’s ready for launch sooner rather than later.

Hope we get some interesting ammo types at any rate!

If it’s available in Necromunda or Genestealer Cult armies it is a good candidate for implementation. We’re Grendyl’s penal militia.

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