Scrounger can proc multiple times on Blunderbuss/Grudgeraker melee attacks

Issue Summary:

“Critical hits restore 5.0% of maximum ammunition. Can trigger once per attack.”

So goes the description of Scrounger, and it works properly for ranged attacks. But when using the melee attacks of Grudgeraker or Blunderbuss, it can trigger as many times as the number of enemies you manage to hit.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use shotgun melee attack against a group of enemies
  2. Crit
  3. Behold your ammo and see that it is full

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

Video demonstration:

Additional notes:

I saw an old acknowledged post about the bug (New Scrounter + shotgun bash), but seeing as it has persisted over multiple patches since then (and it definitely seems like unintended behavior) I figured it warranted reporting again.


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