Righteous Stand end event failed to happen

Issue Summary:
At the end of Righteous Stand, afeter ringing the bell, no horde came, and the event stayed blocked as well. We had specials popping though. We waited for about 10min without having a single non-special rat showing, and then suicided.

Steps to Reproduce:

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Once for now

Additional Information:
We had a player joining just before entering the temple. Don’t know if it’s relevant though.

[Attach Your DxDiag]
No dxDiag as it happened yesterday and I didn’t think to get it.

[Attach Your Session Console Log]
console-2018-09-22-15.48.10-3E254509-C09D-4D75-B036-D59C.log (804.3 KB)

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]
No screenshot

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