Random Crashes with no error message

crash_dump-2020-11-21-02.10.32-7dbdbd2e-9aa8-4b0d-8f9c-50971cb6e64e.dmp (531.7 KB) crash_dump-2020-11-20-22.31.16-c0ba1c6f-1805-4666-9d10-4a6d892b32ed.dmp (507.6 KB) crash_dump-2020-11-20-18.27.24-79181cc8-1d1b-4b2d-ac18-74f03fec674b.dmp (587.6 KB)

Please include the corresponding console logs also. Thank you!

Ah damn I deleted them. Just from playing today, I got 30GB of console logs… I’ve since disabled the mod framework logging entirely, I hope this will help for future crashes…

I also had a crash with no error message today. A private session with bots, I was playing Outcast Engineer. Console log and crash dump below.

console-2020-11-22-19.45.42-d249aca2-ecf2-4289-b166-eefbbd958be9.log (478.4 KB)
crash_dump-2020-11-22-19.45.42-d249aca2-ecf2-4289-b166-eefbbd958be9.dmp (564.3 KB)

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