Psyker "Contemplation" Cosmetic Stance doesn't use equipped staff

Wasn’t really sure if this was a bug or not.

Contemplation “stance” uses default trauma staff skin at all times. Though it shows a staff even if you didn’t bring one. So maybe this is intended even if a little weird. Does not use staff skin both in preview and end of mission.

It’d be kewl if it used your staff if you have one. Maybe empty fist or splayed fingers if you didn’t bring one.

If you have cosmetics, might as well show them off as much as possible.

I don’t think this is a bug for it is the same for the final stance of the zealot doesn’t show equipped Melee, the Stance for the vet shows generic lasgun not yours, and the Ogryn is a Ripper no cosmetics.

Yeah thats why I didn’t put it in the bug area. Perhaps more of a missed opportunity and a suggestion then.