Pox Hound howling sound effect is TOO DAMN LOUD

Whenever one spawns within the map, the howling sound effect goes beyond any announcement sound effect which is murder on the ears. ESPECIALLY when headphones are being used on a medium to low volume.

These special kind of enemy can already be heard with the constant barking they do, so why in the hell do my ear drums needs to suffer whenever they spawn into the game?

Every other special who spawns into the game has a lower decibel rating than these bloody things. Yet these jet engine, screaming doggos consistently make me go deaf whenever one arrives.

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I will never complain about specials being too loud, I can hear hounds being introduced to the game most of the time, and barely ever get an accurate representation of them getting closer.

If anything they should work on making specials audio cues being more reliable. This is a problem in VT2 and still is a problem here.

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