Pov bug after new patch

Issue Description:
randomly shifts my pov up or down

Steps to Reproduce:
no idea


Reproduction Rate:
twice, didn’t even play that much yet

Upload Supporting Evidence:
today UTC 04:40:32
console-2022-12-16-03.30.58-a6b83a14-47de-416e-b494-e0ed01e920b6.log (397.5 KB)

today UTC 7:16:52
console-2022-12-16-06.46.08-6679a6f5-f8d1-432f-b652-ac4bab887054.log (163.4 KB)

should i even bother about those precise timings? do they help?

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (95.3 KB)