Patch #14 Notes Part 1

Unfortunately BR is already a bolt from above (BR is basically smite as depicted in other media). For what the game is I think potentially a “thrown” bolt for quick cast and a gesture for charged that calls down a large bolt (or bolts) to hit an area may also be a fun ability to use.

Huh? Are the patch notes lying again? They say +125% damage which would be 10 → 22.5 (before warp rider and any other bonuses).

Huh, I was playing around with it in the psykanium and could swear it was only doing ~12 a tick.

That’s WITH empowered psyionics active yeah? Might need a bug report if so

If it did something like apply soulblaze stacks per tick that might actually be decent damage, as it stands even that is just a tickle and I still feel the ability should be entirely reworked into something that better fits the flow of the game.

Another version of smite I’d like to see is something similar to the Foot of Mork spell from Fantasy. An invisible squish in an AoE would look pretty cool. You’d have the psyker do a hand smacking animation that times with the splat.

Interesting changes this patch! I’m glad to see some of the obvious issues from Patch #13 being ironed out, like text being missing on talent descriptions and talent behaviour being counterintuitive.

I do have one question. Currently, the Inexorable Judgement keystone for Zealot grants a damage and attack speed buff based on number of stacks when you land a hit. However, the damage buff doesn’t apply on the triggering hit and instead only applies to successive hits. Is this intentional? It feels counterintuitive to use this alongside associated skills like Shroudfield.

For example, what you’d typically do with this setup would be approach a priority enemy, enter Shroudfield as you got close, and then land a single powerful hit that benefits from Shroudfield’s various damage buffs. It seems like Momentum would be beneficial here because Shroudfield boosts your movement speed, so you build up a good number of stacks before your attack lands, and then get a nice damage boost on the big hit. However, instead, you don’t get any damage buffs on the big hit, and if you can’t find something else to hit nearby, your stacks are wasted. Slower weapons are especially penalised by this current behaviour, since they might attack 4-5 times in an 8-second window at most, meaning up to 1/4 of their attacks can never benefit from Momentum, since it has to trigger it instead.

I’m also curious about Disdain, one of the first talents in the Zealot tree. The description is clearer now, but I still can’t seem to get any damage out of it while cleaving enemies in the Psykhanium; nor does any buff icon appear for it. By the description, cleaving 5 enemies should give about a 25% buff to my next attack, but I don’t see any difference.

Sorry, I wasn’t directing the comment at you, but the post you were responding to.

Why I didn’t just reply to that person in the first place, I have no idea :joy:

There is a new acknowledged bug for Disdain. I tried it with the Crusher and Devil’s Claw (the latter, I recorded and posted here) so it seems to be inconsistent in activating

Thanks for the quick response! I’m glad to hear it’s been acknowledged. It seems like such a strong node, but I wasn’t sure if it was working or not.

Thammer , Indignatus crusher and Tigrus they are garbage and any 1 hand weapon can replace them and even be a better option except maybe for the Thammer but for example a combat axe does more damage more efficiently and with better crowd control than a 2 hand hammer the only advantage it has is its activation but it is not worth it either.

activates after taking damage and for classes that are fragile like the vet or psyker it is good for them.

Its purpose was crowd control, it was for spam, and those ‘aimed’ shots are quite useless, especially if you have a horde, I don’t think it compensates.

All good.

As much as I enjoyed the AOE CC of the Crusher, it struggled to kill anything which was tedious at best. With Hammerblow, you can still floor most enemies with ease. Special gets the ball rolling on angry Ragers or Crushers, but everything else gets knocked around very easily. You can still get away with a lot using M1 spam, albeit not to the same extent - locking down a full pack of Crushers is significantly harder than before, but anything other than that can be controlled relatively easily.

How has the Eviscerator (or is there another Tigrus weapon) been ruined? Before, it was okay - it could get things done, I don’t think there was anything especially noteworthy about it. Looking at the patch notes, it has only been buffed, so I’m confused - even if something can do better than the Evis, it can still performs great.

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What do you mean ‘bash hit’, ‘normal bash’ and ‘heavy bash’? Guns have the heavy mode?