Outcast Engineer Hero Skin Bug

      Hello! This is my first time posting here, but i've encountered a bug with the Outcast Engineer skin Barak Varr Endriniklad (The purple one you get for killing 50 enemies in one barrage of his career skill.)

      When I equip the skin his metal arm isn't visible in first person. It doesn't seem to happen on his default skin and Idk if it happens on other skins. I took a screenshot but idk how to upload it here :(

Same here, Barak Varr Endriniklad is missing its metal parts (and Bardin’s left wrist) in 1st person view.
Also, the color of his gloves doesn’t match between 3rd person view and 1st person view.
As far as I know, mismatching of the color happens with Karak Azul Endriniklad and Barak Varr Endriniklad.


Thanks for your report also! I’ve noted this in our database.

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