Often occurring audio bugs since last patch

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Since the last update my audio is incredibly bugged.
Very often sounds and voice lines cuts out, has A LOT of static, muffled, or just cant be heard.
Often I can’t hear Poxburster spawn que and the beeping ending up not being able to react in time.
Last match I had to quit because the Mutants yelling bugged out and started looping in an incredibly scuffed and static way and every other sound was muffled.
These audio bugs are a common occurrence in every game.

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No, I don’t use mods

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Often (<75%)

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PC - Steam

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Having the same issue here. Poxbursters are the biggest one but other audio can feel muffled as well. Just had a mission where the boss spawning audio was very very low as if it was extremely far way.

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Sorry to hear that.

Could you tell me more about on what difficulty you play? Special circumstances?

We are working on these issues from several angles. Hopefully it will get better in later patches.

If you can attach a video video when this happens it would be valuable.