Needed Controller Acceleration Slider PC


we need an option/slider to change the acceleration on controller for PC

no acceleration is too fast at first and too slow later

this leads to death, impossible to control properly

the acceleration in V1 is perfect, we need the same acceleration in V2


thanks for reading

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It’s a fair point, but just curious, why use controller on PC?

There are lots of valid reasons why people choose to use a controller for PC gaming. None of which are anyone’s business.

Please stay on topic and try not to pry into anyone’s personal choices.

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Shouldn’t you let OP themself respond rather than weirdly get offended on their behalf? It was honest curiosity in case there are some advantages I’m not aware of. Was in no way meant to be hostile or rude.

But whatever it was technically off topic and I don’t particularly want to derail the thread so I’ll take my leave.

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I only responded because people judge too much. No gamer should judge another based on what equipment they use.

Besides, there’s a plethora of answers to your question available via Google.


I really have to chime back in here to say that there was absolutely no judgement intended or otherwise from my question but I get tone can be weird in writing so fair enough you took it that way. I completely agree with your general sentiment here.

I’m also interested in knowing it, first hand directly from someone who really use it.

I was also looking for the same and I found out that, for hardware acceleration you can move the slider to enable, disable, adjust on your pc.

Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work!

Since you didn’t get a proper answer: I am a controller player on PC. Reasons are, I love to play while lying in my bed, my laptop next to me, which obviously works much better with a controller. Secondly, I love the immersion controllers give you in fighting and rpg/first person games, since it feels more natural to look around and walk with the sticks than it does with wasd and the mouse. I just love the feel of a controller in my hand even though I know it is far inferior to mouse and keyboard skill wise.

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