Mutant throws character behind invisible wall. Stuck forever

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During a mission as the ogryn I was laying down some hurt at a door where poxers were coming out. A mutant showed up, grabbed my character and threw me INTO the room where they were spawning. I tried to use my rush attack to leave through a door, but couldn’t. I fought to keep myself alive, not knowing that it would cause things to get much worse. My team reached the extraction point, but I was unable to follow. I was forced to disconnect at the end of the mission.

I do not recall the mission name. It’s the one where you have to destroy 4 tanks of goo at the end with the skull spiders.

I was also wondering if it’s possible to be rewarded for the mission properly. I disconnected and lost exp and rewards. As a good ogryn would.

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We had a similar thing happen, though I am not sure if it was a mutant throwing our ogryn inside a wall.
Here is a video clip of the ogryn being inside the wall: [Wall Implosion Darktide - YouTube]

This might be something to do with Ogryn hitboxes as it is the largest playable character.