More Meaningful Character Creator

For me, personally, the background and character creation process has got to be the most forgettable part about this game. The only impactful thing that sticks around from your backstory is really the voice if you’re a Cadian Vet. I think what should happen, is have small stat boosts (about equivalents to the min value of a Curio or Weapon perk) tied to each of the 5 backstory selections: Home World, Childhood, Growing Up, Defining Moment, and Your Sentence.

For example, if I take Crucis I’d get 6% Corruption Resistance because it’s a “holier” world, then Moebian Shrineguard might give 10% damage to Infested because they’re extra xenophobic, Isolated or Enlisted could give an increase to coherency radius, Elite Formation could give you 7% Reload speed, and your Sentence might give a negative modifier of somekind.