More bugs to report!

“Too many social wheel messages, please wait a moment” gets spammed in chat when no one in the group has used the social wheel.

Multiple enemies of different types spawning in front of me when im hosting (5 times today) This can range from face-spawning to being upto 20m away.
During my last game today on The Pit i saw 5 sv elites and some trash skaven enemies spawn about 15-20m away from me. In total 12 enemies spawned that were not there before.

Kruber bot with ex sword/other weapons and other bots wont use heavy attacks correctly or wont use heavy attacks at all/rarely. For example when kruber has an ex sword he is meant to heavy attack elites and bosses but does not.
Kruber bot used to always use his ex sword on elites/bosses but this is another thing the outcast engineer patch broke.

Twitch fails to connect when i type a name in. When i type in the stream name “failarmy” i can see twitch is connected but as soon as i go into the game twitch will then disconnect.

Minotaurs still cause the game the crash after 2+ months…


This is caused by tagging enemies too many times.A bug introduced in recent patches.

There’s a workaround to this.Connect Twitch,disconnect,then reconnect again.The initial connection always end up breaking/not working.You can check to see if it’s successful or not by typing in Twitch chat and see if it pops up in the ingame Twitch chat.

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Does not work.

You can try starting a map vote with it connected first time, then cancelling it and reconnecting Twitch

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