Minotaur's charge knockback

sometimes when Minotaur charges me or another player there is a glitch similiar to pre-WoM slayers leap.
When hitted by charge, I am thrown away few meters hit the ground, but instead of stopping, I am still launched away without any chance of stopping.
Usually ends by getting smacked to wall or thrown off cliff after flying 20+ meters. Once I was thrown by some obstacle like 10m in the sky.
I know that for avoiding this bug you changed slayers ult to that new jump and it could also be a solution for this. You could make it that when you get hit by this charge a player that is hit will perform reversed slayer ult, it will be more controled behaviour.

  • Spawn Minotaur in a area with lots of small obstacles around you (something like small stones you can walk over or tree roots etc.)
  • Happens sometimes like 1 in 10 charges.
    (not big enough HDD to record every match, sorry)

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