Minor visual bugs on maps

This is a list of all visual bugs I have encountered on different maps during my play recently.

Athel Yenlui:

Levitating tree. Location riverbed after the begining of map, when the river branches into two paths it’s located in the right path.

Terrain missing. Location after second tome before you jump down to enter small skaven infested cave. Left just before the drop.

Terrain missing. Location same as the screenshot before but on the right.

Levitating objects. Just after entering skaven infested cave on the left.

Levitating barricades. Same skaven infested cave left side.

Vines in the rock. Location underbrush when you enter it from the left side.

Levitating wall. Location path to the right button to open second grim location.

Hole in the floor. Path just before third button’s location to open second grim location.

Levitating ground. Just before the drop to area with healing supplies before final event. Left before ammo crate.

Levitating ground. Same location as the previous screenshot but on the right of ammo crate.

More levitating ground. Just after the drop with ammo crate on the right side.


Holes in the ceiling. Location just after the start of the map before drop to sewers.

Weird shadow. Stairs to first grim in sewers you need a torch to see it.

Hole between wall and a pillar. Final event of Blightreaper left of the locked gate behind which blightreaper rests.

Weird smudge on Blightreaper gate.

Convocation of Decay:

Miss aligned arch. Visible from only one side.

Small hole between steps and walkway. Location second tome.

Weird props in the hole covered by grate. Location just before drop toward deep hole to big open area where key for second grim is located.

Miss aligned arch. Location after location of prior screenshots but on the left not towards deep hole.
Visible from only one side.

Huge hole in wall visible from one side. Location exit from big open area with key for grim.

Holes in wall and ceiling. Location big round stairway after parkour for second grim.

Hole in the ground. Location beside last tome.

Small holes. Location corridor to bridge of shadows after end event.

Hole in the ground. Location beside log ramp to bridge of shadows.

Enchanters Lair:

Rain puddle on wall. Location before entering castle Drachenfels on left. Beginning of the map.

Hole in the wall. Area before Nurgloth. Corridors after the balcony part. Also in this area sometimes blightstormers cast their vortex through windows.

Festering Grounds:

Holes in wall. Location after first tome but before first grim chest in a small nook where there is a skeleton.

Holes in the ceiling. Location cave after river crossing

Fort Brisketcrunches:

Small hole in stairs. Location before second grim.

Hole inbetween door and floor. Location left of the cannon on end event.

Bunglezippy Hornrimmedglasses:

Levitating building sorcery. Location just after the lifting platform on the left.

Weird dark area next to second tome.

Ground moving. Location behind bridge of shadows.

Hunger in the Dark:

Void in a hole. Location final event on the right side when pushing cart up the second slope.

Rightous Stand:

Levitating wind direction thingy. Location round ramp going towards first tome and arena.

Levitating railing. Location before final event.

Railing in the statue. Statue of Holy Sigmar.

Hole between doorway and floor. Right of statue of Holy Sigmar.


Levitating sign on the building. When you spawn on the map turn left.


Objects fazing out of existance. When you enter the gorge after starting area.

Bot stuck spot. Location right of the battering ram gate event.

Respawn spot in the ground. After battering ram event.


wow, wonder what happened in these games causing these to happen

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