Masterwork Pistol Controller Bug

(On PC using Bardin) When “normally” firing the masterwork pistol while on controller there is sometimes a doubled delay on the shot. This tends to happen after weapon swapping, using a bomb or potion or after using the alternate “fan the hammer” fire.

At first it was negligible and I thought it was a connection bug but I realize now that its actually consistantly happening. On harder difficulties this can lead to the shot having too much of a delay to actually deal with specials in time. I understand there is a normal delay to shooting the pistol but this (what I assume to be) bug causes the delay animation to happen again after you expect the shot actually have been fired.

Hey, I noticed this specific bug about half a year ago and it is actually resolvable on PC: (my steam is non-english so maybe you need to look for similarly sounding settings if translated wrongly)

Connect your controller. right click V2 in your steam library and choose “manage”->“controller configuration”
Now you have to change the right trigger (for shooting/attacking): set “trigger-click” tp no effect (empty) and set “trigger-press” (the option below) to the usual “right trigger” action.

The problem stems from the two triggers having the two functions of a light press and a full click. the game doesn’t react well to this and activating the attack twice in some cases such as most notably the master work pistol since it has to be hold continuosly.

You may also want to change the trigger reaction curve (in the same menu at the right) to a custom curve and max it out. also do this for the left trigger and your attacks and blocks will activate as soon as possible when pressing the trigger.

I am not completely sure anymore-maybe this is also part of the fix - and maybe for the fix alone this second part is not needed. try it out, I suggest to do it anyway out of reaction time reasons!

I really hope you see this and it helps you since this problem makes it virtually impossible (==really annoying and self-killing at times) to play

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