Krieg Zealot Armour on female characters has breasts clip through chestplate

Issue Description:
The Zealot’s Krieg armour chest piece ‘Krieg Greatcoat (Marked by Faith)’ on female characters has the character creator’s ‘unclothed’ chest with sports-bra show through the armoured chest plate.

Steps to Reproduce:
Step 1: Open up Darktide
Step 2: load up either a female Zealot character on an account that owns ‘Krieg Greatcoat (Marked by Faith)’ or go to the ‘Commodore’s Vestures’ and select the Zealot skins Krieg chest piece to view

Steam, unable to confirm on other platforms.

Upload Supporting Evidence:


I have exact the same Problem

same problem here. prior to patch, it wasn’t clipping and i don’t understand how this could even happen.

Clearly Slaaneshi Krieg Guardsman!


Oh no we’ve clearly been sussed out. Time to repent by killing another 41,000 heretics. :sob::sob::sob:
The Emperor protects. :sob:

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