I Found Out Why I Can Rarely Spot The Keys

Issue Summary:
I have a really hard time finding the keys and can virtually never see them while others don’t seem to have difficulty. Seems that they’re interfering with the ground textures causing me to only be able to see them at certain angles (see video).

This may also relate to bug reports of the keys not spawning in. Although this was on Festering Ground and most of the reports seem to be Convocation of Decay.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Field of View - 85
  2. All graphics on High

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

EDIT - well YouTube didn’t do that video any favours. Do you have some other way I can share it with you? It’s only 46MB.

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I saw everything I needed to see and totally agree with you; that looks like it’s the ground causing the white outline of the keys to fail to draw properly.

I think the keys themselves are still visible (in most cases I just know where the key is so I’ve never depended on the outline), but with the ground so dark in those same locations it is hard to tell.

Just my opinion, but the keys are hard enough to see already, not to mention pick up. This is just icing on the cake!

At least on console, you need to be crouched down & hover over it two to three times in order for the pick up prompt to appear. Combine this with hordes, not to mention barely being able to see what you’re trying to pick up & you’re gonna have a bad time.

The easiest way is to walk over the key and mash the pickup button on console and your character will pause over it as they pick it up. Not intuitive, but hopefully saves you some time! That pickup box is TINY!

I would like to suggest a notification when a player picks up a key. A small note in the chat window like with loot dice would be great!


  • Sometimes players play without a headset
  • can’t write during hordes
  • simply don’t want to communicate

Occasionally it’s a hassle finding out if someone already picked it up!

Are you PC? There’s s mod for this, also tells you when ever someone picks up or drops a tome/grim. As well as pushes a hidden switch and so on. It’s great to have.

Ah! Great to know! Thanks!
Tomes and grims are standard in the main game, but it’s good to know what else the players are picking up/turing on/etc…!

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