I can't find games or rooms to enter

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Hi I’ve been playing Vermintide 2 for 427 hours I love the game but on 03-04-2021 I couldn’t find any rooms and when I entered the room browser I was surprised it only had 3 rooms.
I entered a game and then I wanted to play again and since there were none of them anymore, I could only play with bots.
Could you tell me what the solution is or is it just a problem with the network?
or uninstall the game and reinstall it.
Thanks so much for reading…
sorry for my english is not my language

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Did you enter the Modded Realm by accident?

Puede ser que hayas entrado en el servidor Moddeado por accidente? En el launcher del juego, asegurate de elegir “servidor/reino oficial” (no recuerdo como esta puesto en español)
El servidor moddeado es una version del juego que permite el uso de cualquier mod, pero no guarda tu progreso, asi que hay muy, muy pocas partidas publicas - generalmente todos juegan con sus amigos.


thank you very much community hero :partying_face:


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