Hunter skins clipping issues

That ugly spot where the left shoulder/arm clips through the hood when holding polearms.

Or the right shoulder clipping through the hood when you hold a bow.

Also, the (green) hood-hat clipping through the shoulder-hood´s collar (bit hard to see, left side where the hat-hood comes down).

Hey, for future screenshots to report clipping issues, try to stand very close to a wall, the 3rd person view is getting a better picture this way. If you stand too close it will even clip into the character, so just an in-game arms length should be enough! Also, try to go outside into the sunlight when you are having nice weather in the keep, especially when it’s dark clothing. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is apperantly also an issue of the idle animation, so making a video to show the problem could maybe help:

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