How are these Valkyries flying?

So a few days ago i was doing my part in fighting the “players never look UP” stereotype.
What i saw was this.

… Why is every Valk zooming around with only one of the main engines running? Non of them look damaged and afaik the Imperium doesn’t give a ratlings ass about fuel eceonomy.
We better hope this is not representative for the entire dropship fleet, the Omnissiah would be very displeased.

Now that the technical condition of the aircraft flying over my head had me quite paranoid i took a good look at the dropship that picks us up after a mission.

… How is this Valk hovering … WITHOUT USING ITS HOVER THRUSTERS? (they are on the wing tips)
Is this some tech heresy? Masozi is gonna be pissed if i tell Hadron about this. Then again Hadron would turn me into a welding servitor for sewage pipes just having been near this tech heresy.

Anyone of you other varlets noticed the worrying state of our transports?


“Missing animations will come at a later date, as the original animation wasn’t fitting our design intentions”


We pray to the OMNISSIAH that these immeasurably complex repairs will be concluded swiftly and fit the theme of the setting. :pray:


Coming soon, it is immeasurably complex.


Making epilepsy inducing surge staff effects takes precedence over everything else. Time well spent.

Just another thing to add to the list of “oopsy poopsy we didn’t finish these things in our unfinished game”


they work because they do, hmm suspiciously ork

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The funniest part about the Valkyries in this game is that the fan blades on their turbines aren’t spinning. They are just sitting there completely solid like on the plastic kit.


Obviously the second engine was redundant evidenced by only a 22.6% crash rate. It was therefor decided to pull the extra engine for the recommissioning of inoperative valkyries. New recruits are plentiful, operative valkyries are not.

As for the hovering. The imperium blesses each valkyrie prior to take off using relique of the omnissiah. Questioning its landing capabilities is equivalent to questioning the emperor himself.

If you read the blog the lead level designer has put out you’ll quickly understand that many of the staff that work on the game don’t understand the setting at all. That’s why the Hive city feels like some insane non euclidean structure.

Another glaring omission is the front section of the Arvus lighter dropship seen in the game. It has the pilot seat but not the front section. All of them are missing this. I assume whoever made the model was working from an image of the Forgeworld resin model without the cockpit canopy.

They fly on AD mech hopes and prayers. Literally xD

They added the pilots to the Valkyries before beta ended, but that was my favorite omission until they did. Shouting “WHO’S FLYING THIS THING” as the ship takes off at the end of the match.