Heros selection crash game Access violation (0xc0000005)

When i whant to select hero at start(first menu) or during the games(with the crane ), it crash.

I played 180+ hours with no problem. And now this bug/crash append always during last 2 days.

I tried to correct this bug with theses actions

  • i restart my computer
  • i intall the last driver version of my NVIDIA GTX 970
  • i used steam to check games files integrity

Bug always append

After reading the log, i think the function create_video_player crash.

I check other bug in this forum about heros selection but my log display something different. So i plubly this topic.

Error display

GUID: 314ea9f4-aaee-4923-8812-0971d91ffd68
Log File:
Info Type:

[Engine Error]: Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 3207c833a6c1
accessing address 0000000000000008 from 00000001403E5593

File PC description
DxDiag.txt (77.3 KB)

File log
console-2018-09-30-09.22.52-B9F481DD-01A0-459B-B027-98C7.log (79.4 KB)

File dump
crash_dump-2018-09-30-09.22.52-B9F481DD-01A0-459B-B027-98C7.dmp (511.7 KB)

Could you please let me know if this issue occurs whilst using DirectX 11? This can be changed within the launcher. :slight_smile:

I switch DirectX 12 to DirectX 11. Same error append.

I solve the problem with these actions.

  • Reinstall windows and keep my data -> crash again (same reason)
  • Install all drivers -> crash again (same reason)
  • Uninstall the game
  • Analyze the disk E: (where steam is installed) and correct error (windows discover disk error after reinstalling)
  • Reinstall the game -> No crash, DirectX 12.

Done :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you for the update, it’s appreciated. :slight_smile:

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