Heavy Sword special prevents Chorus activation

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As stated in the title, after using the Turtolsky Mk IX Heavy Sword’s special attack action, you can’t activate Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude until you take any different action. I checked it on the other abilities and they can still be activated. I also checked with one (no all) different weapon, so it seems it is just a bad interaction between the Heavy sword and Chorus. While less important to gameplay, this problem also prevents the use of the inspect weapon function following the special action.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. In any mission (including the meat grinder) use the special action of Heavy Sword.
  2. As the next action, try to activate special.
  3. Nothing will happen until any different action is taken. (Switching active gear, attacking or blocking)

[PC] Do You Use Mods? (Optional):

No, I don’t use mods

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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