Happy Anniversary, Vermintide 2

Heya FatShark,

It’s been a great year to be a gamer because we got the pleasure of playing Vermintide 2. While not without it’s faults, it was and still is one of the best games that’s ever been released!

For those of us who’ve always wanted to play the part of the hero our way, you’ve given us the opportunity to step into the shoes of multiple careers for our favorite characters. You’ve given us awesome powers and cool weapons to fight off the waves of evil. You’ve provided us vile, deadly new enemies to test our mettle against. You’ve given us named bosses with special powers. You’ve given us incredible levels filled with awesome mechanics, brilliant sky-boxes, and fun little secrets. You’ve given us these awesome mutators to enjoy every week. You’ve actively acknowledged your player-base and shown that you care.

Most importantly to me, you gave my friends and I another reason to get together and be a team the way we love to be. What great quality time I’ve gotten out of this game with my friends… we laugh about Gutter-Runners starting their own space-program; we laugh about the incredible clutches we’ve pulled off; we even laugh about getting punted off of cliffs!

This is the long way of me saying thank you for being willing to put in all of this time and effort for Vermintide 2. Thank you for making me feel like a badass hero who can destroy armies. Thank you for the challenges. Thank you for letting me slay Chaos Spawn with my friends. Thanks for the hoops and hollers as the last-man-standing kills the boss.

Today is an anniversary that celebrates all of your hard work and, if it’s alright, I’ll be raising a glass in your name. Especially you, @FatsharkJulia and @Fatshark_Hedge, for taking such good care of us.

:slight_smile: Thank you again. I can’t wait to see where you take us next. Cheers!


Big love buddy!

Thanks for being with us and putting up with us <3




I won’t be raising a glass, but I agree wholeheartedly with the message. During the year it’s been out, it has taken its place as my most played game on Steam, and probably on any platform. Here’s to another thousand hours of playtime.


Cheers :beers: to that!

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I agree, even if in many posts I voiced my personal honest opinions against FS choices/behaviors, it’s easy for me to write that this is one of the best game I ever played in the last 30 years, and it is there, together with fallout I & II, monkey island I & II, the sierra adventure series, everquest I and II (not the last years sorry version), FFVII, uo online, all games that, the first time I played, were able to give me a particular thrill.
So, thank you Fatshark “lot”.
I wish a better quality management for the new year :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was great to celebrate anniversary with daily week streams, Fatshark team is so passionate about their game! I’m sure there is more to come in the next year!

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