Handgun Bugs

Bug #1: Sometimes when you land a headshot with the handgun, the hit isn’t recognized as a headshot. The enemy’s head will explode which confirms that it was a headshot, but there will be no audio cue for the headshot, and talents surrounding headshots don’t trigger (conservative shooter, huntsman talents, etc). This seems to happen randomly, but not every time.

Bug #2: When playing Huntsman and using the handgun along with Keep it Coming, the reload animation will glitch when you fire twice in a row while zoomed in. This causes the reload animation to take much longer than usual, and afterwards the handgun will be centered on the screen rather than offset to the right. To reproduce, wait until your free shot from Keep it Coming is active, zoom in, and fire twice in a row without zooming out. This bug occurs every time under these conditions.


First bug is infuriating, happens even when you host

This jankiness is why I stopped trying to persevere with HS+Handgun. He should be a powerhouse with the handgun but he’s just better off with the Bow for ranged stuff. Not Proccing headshots basically hamstrings him completely.

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