Game crashes after mod update

crash_dump-2021-05-06-22.33.53-b8b8e675-703e-4665-bbb8-5bc1d6d77ba7.dmp (541.7 KB)
crash_dump-2021-05-06-22.34.46-287b03e9-7255-42e4-a3ef-4337fa3b07c7.dmp (529.8 KB)
crash_dump-2021-05-06-22.33.06-73513b27-7882-4d06-bb61-092fea3921a0.dmp (526.1 KB)

console-2021-05-06-20.27.40-a413e835-79e9-4bb6-9159-b80ef59e57ad.log (1.4 MB)
console-2021-05-06-22.33.06-73513b27-7882-4d06-bb61-092fea3921a0.log (9.9 KB)
console-2021-05-06-22.33.53-b8b8e675-703e-4665-bbb8-5bc1d6d77ba7.log (9.9 KB)
console-2021-05-06-22.34.46-287b03e9-7255-42e4-a3ef-4337fa3b07c7.log (9.9 KB)
console-2021-05-06-22.37.30-b6c70d22-aa66-447b-8cd7-6024e8a0096b.log (79 Bytes)

This appears to be mod-related, because the game starts when I disable them all ; but I have no error message to tell me which one is crashing.

It’s one of your UI mods - I think ‘UI Tweaks’

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Aye that seems to have been the one. Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Looking at the update times though, the one that got updated yesterday and broke everything was Armoury… which I wasn’t even using. :thinking:

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