Game Crash upon EQ/index tab Switch

Game simply crashes when I try to switch EQ for my Ranger Veteran, and only on RV.

100% reproduction rate since it always crashes when I change the index tab.
Doesnt affect any other job or class.

All Mods turned off obv.

Please provide the crash report produced - what we need to see is the long ‘GUID’ string. Thank you.

GUID: 4df0b875-7e97-47a1-91a4-5c46efb240ec
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/mods/WeaponKillCounter/WeaponKillCounter.lua:131: attempt to index local ‘pass_data’ (a boolean value)

This is an issue with the Kill Counter mod. Please disable it and let the mod author know via the Steam Workshop page.

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GUID: 8d2fb3dd-5e60-40e5-a6f2-2a3bedf77cc2
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: UnitApi node failed, node #ID[05abda17] was not found in unit #ID[e7e93c243dc46f6c]Assertion failed index != SceneGraph::NOT_FOUND at E:\agent-work\data-dir\engine_release_wom_2019_07_08\runtime\application\plugin\c_api\c_api_unit.cpp:73 in function stingray::plugin_api::unit::node

all mods are turned off as said


Fixed in 2.0.3.

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