Foot Knight Kruber Third Person and First Person visual Inconsistencies + Few Other Inconsistencies

I just yesterday noticed while switching between a few of FK Kruber’s skins that theres a lot of visual inconsistencies between what the cosmetic looks like in first person and what it looks like in first person when you do weapon inspects etc. For simplicity’s sake I’m gonna use FP = first person acronym, and TP = Third Person Acronym.

  1. FP Gauntlet Metal are a different color than TP Gauntlet Metal

  2. FP Leather Gloves are occasionally different color than TP Leather Gloves

  • You can see this made in post 3
  1. FP Leather Gloves use leather stripes but in TP Leather Gloves uses Buckles of White or Gold on top of the leather strips

  2. FP Metal Vambrace have 4/6 bolts as one color and the other 2 as another color, but in TP all 6/6 bolts are the same color

  • You can see this inside the pictures made in point 3
  1. FP Elbow Winged Plate are occasionally a different color than TP Elbow Winged Plate

The Red wing plates are more of a bronze color in TP but in first its more of a gold.

Extras - On UC her default skin has a different hand skin compared to her other skins

Her hands also show up different in Third Person

But once you use a staff they go back to how its shown in the default

Extra - Broken Elf Spear Wrist


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