Feels like there was no QA pass

It feels like there was not QA pass on the game. Tons of crashes, visual bugs and gameplay bugs. I’m working as a QA tester and if I let bugs like that go to the release, I’m probably get fired really quick.

I worked as a Certification Tester (PS4 mainly) and I assure you this game would not pass it :joy:

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LOL :smile: I meant internal QA test.

I agree that the game has an “unfinished” feel. But, if you work as a QA, you must know how online play increases bugs exponentially…

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Yes, I know. But holes in the environment, crashes, many crasher potentially “A” bugs, especially the crashes. (If you know JIRA)

Well, JIRA is at least, a bit better than Devtrack/Devtest :sweat_smile:
There are a lot of crashes but they are being ironed out. At release, it was way worse :fearful:

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