Feedback from a 32:9 (5120×1440) User


Typically in other games using 32:9 (5120×1440), the information on the HUD is closer to the middle, similar to the distance on a “normal size” monitor. In this game, the information is too far from the field of view, as they’re in the corners of the screen. So I literally have to either move my head from left to right to read health, or ammo, or strain my eyes back and forth.

I think the HUD needs to be redesigned so that this information is closer to the middle.

Other FPSs do it well, Doom Eternal is one of them, Destiny 2 is another. I can post screenshots of either game if it’ll be helpful.



I have the same issue on a 21:9 monitor. Some games allow you to set your HUD to 16:9 ratio, while keeping your wider field of few. This would be an ideal solution to me.

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