Fast Shark give us news about single player mode!

Look at this thread Fast Shark :

People want to play solo and without it the game cannot survive in long terms.
And again and again… you promised this feature befaure launch !

Can we have a clear answer Fast Shark ?


Agree - and I get it‘s a lot of work as the current bots are useless and unimmersive. But news about how and when they plan to implement it would be much appreciated.


It would not be a lot of work and the Bots are not a problem at all.
For a playable solo mode it would only be necessary to change 3 things for solo mode.

  • Trapper net would need to brake open without the help of a bot after at least 5 seconds or 1 lost wound.
  • Hounds need to get pushed/punched away from the player himself after 5 seconds or 1 lost wound.
  • Players need to be able to climb back up from hanging on a ledge.

Maybe the only change to Bots needed would be, that they pick up Books and Supplies if the player pings them. And that they distribute said Supplies if the player pings the ‘‘need healing’’ or ‘‘need ammo’’ callout ping.

Despite the problems you mention yourself - how about psykers and Ogryn bots? How about bots that don‘t look like lvl1 rejects?

My personal preference would to use the players spare characters as bots - this would give us even some agency on how the team is equipped and strive for some synergy in the class builds.

I could also live quite well if we got the generic bots from the tutorials - but the current bots would be quite unimmersive.

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That would not change anything. The Bots are unable to do what players do.

Bots will not use Grenades to give them the split second window that is needed to rescue a downed Teammate that is surrounded by enemies.
Bots get caught in a death loop of trying to pick up a downed mate and attacking enemies that are pushing to attack them at the same time. Resulting in the Bot constantly switching between melee attacking and rescuing until the Bot gets downed too.
Bots are unable to do anything against Bullwarks, since they don’t use any kind of melee special or stagger that is needed to brake the Bullwarks defense and land a hit on it.
Bots are not able to prioritize targets.

The only good thing about Bots is, that they have the same Aimbot shooting mechanic, that the enemies have. And that lets these Bots oneshot kill any normal gunner they aim at with their Laspistol.

I‘m talking about fun and immersive SP not about being able to clear damnation with bots :slight_smile:

And for the record - I wasn‘t saying your ideas were bad in any way - I‘m saying additionally to the problems you want to see solved bots would need a rework. Maybe not to be playable - but to be fun.

Up !

Fast Shark ?

FS hasn’t been answering User created threads with anything else but closing notifications for months now.

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I take my chance :slight_smile:

They need to give us more information about that.



I don’t think that offline mode will ever be coming, considering it’s not in the Vermintide 2, but I would really want to have it.
Solo mode is pretty much out of question, maybe a private match with bots, but not solo. I just don’t have a reason to believe that they will do that.

But I would really like to have an ability to play with my characters as bots, like in Vermintide, that would be awesome and so damn cool to see them and somewhat manage the team.

Yes, when i say solo it can be as a private match like you can do with 1 other player.
The only thing to do is to let us create a private match in solo. It’s easy to do that

It could be counted as spam so… just saying.

You´ll get infos if it´ll be a thing i guess. But for now… i highly doubt it is on the priority list. Not to mention that this game is a coop-game in general. It´s even tagged as one. Saying a coop-game can´t survive without a solo-mode is idk…

Again an another thread on steam’s forum about solo private mode :

I stopped playing a long time ago. I came back around the start of March for about 2-3 games when someone posted about the solo-private lobby exploit on Reddit. The very next day, it was “fixed”. The moment I realized, I killed the process and uninstalled the game.

None of my friends want to play Darktide. I don’t like the game enough to force myself into public lobbies. So, without singleplayer, I just have a dead entry in my Steam library, taking up space. No amount of new weapons can bring me back when I have this kind of fundamental barrier to enjoying the game.

Perish is pretty fun, though.

Again, one other thread on steam :