Extraction Safezone/ Operator switch


i experienced a couple of times when u the first Person in the Extraction Ship and ur Teamsmates are still far behind for whatever reason the Monsters Elites etc will clip into the Extractionship and hit u trough the floor until ur dead. Im aware that this is a teamgame but a mecanic or Safezone like in Vermintide that they cant enter the Ship would be a big upgrade. This just feels not correct mobs clipping trough the ship^^
And then i also had another Idea not that important Imo but do u guys planning to make us able to switch Operator in the Lobby where u have to ready up and where u can still switch wargear ? Would be nice if u qp and u see for example 3 times the same class that u could switch Operator if u want to. Just 2 Ideas of my side and i would like to hear your Feedback.

Best Regards