[EXPLOIT / BETA] Dwarf Ranger class, you can endlessly use your ulti

Issue Summary:
Dwarf Ranger class has a kind of backdoor which provides the ability to ultimate endless !

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get your cooldown at max.
  2. Press your ultimage key to ultimate
  3. (IMPORTANT STEP) when the animation is playing, break it by blocking (with your key to block with melee) or zoom with your ranged !
  4. You can now spam your ulti endless !

Reproduction Rate :
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
You recover automatically your cooldown. You see you are under black and white effect and see in your hand the smoke grenade still living.

Fix this ! It is cheated !

Have you already opted out of Beta?

Not yet, I will, I am going to buy the new dlc now.

But I wanted to post first to be sure it is said somewhere, because it worked still some mins ago.

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This was fixed in the now released patch 1.2

Good thing to read ! Thank you Hedge.

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