Excise Vault Spireside-13 Endless Trickle Spawn?

I didn’t want to report this as a bug immediately because I don’t know if it is a bug, but for Spireside-13 (the one where you need to break into the vaults to get the plague samples), after the event with the big skull spire cypher hack, at least on Heresy difficulty you end up with 6-9 poxwalkers/little guys CONSTANTLY spawning out of rear doors and such right up until the vault event. As far as I can recall it happened every time I’ve done the map (so at least ~15 times).

Does anyone know if this is an intended feature of the level, or some sort of spawning bug?

Looks like a bug, my team had the same issue in Damnation, but whit much more minions.

Looks like the trigger that notices the game about the end of the event doesn’t work properly.

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Yeah, it happens every time on heresy and damnation. (Not sure about lower difficulties, I don’t play them at all)

Extremely annoying.

Example run where it happened, it’s been going on for way too long now: