E to the n to the d to the l to the e to the s to the s beastmen but this is about a crash

Hello there,

would the real beastmen please stand up? please stand up

Right, this is about a crash that costed us the expedition in the citadel. Not that massive amounts of beastmen were helpful in that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

accept some nourishment from my teams’ tears and from this crash log and dump:

console-2021-04-27-16.01.47-89a35fce-2afd-44e1-a537-02ad8059e01d.zip (583.7 KB)
crash_dump-2021-04-27-16.01.47-89a35fce-2afd-44e1-a537-02ad8059e01d.dmp (1.6 MB)

thank you, have a nice day :smiley:

Sorry about this :frowning: I’ve added it to the database as a high-priority issue!

This is a new one? :eyes:

Big thank. It by the way caused all 3 excluding the host to crash.

It was double weird! We as in the clients, didn’t just disconnect but all 3 game instances crashed at the very same moment. Also before the the crash Samoly had purchased the miracle that brings you back to life but it did not trigger after we reconnected! Hope that feedback helps you track down the issue and wipe it as we continue to wipe foul skaven and rotbloods alike ! cheers!

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