Devs, Combat Shotguns need a MASSIVE BUFF

All that the Lawbringer needs is a drum mag and 8-10 mags ammo supply. Scabs have a drum mag btw.

And it would be perfect if we could have a flashlight too.

I don’t think that’s true. Braced autogun and autopistol both deal with hordes considerably better (infantry autogun might too, but I have no experience with it).

Plasma does have AOE but it’s very small. It penetrates 4 targets on charged attack and explodes on the 5th clearing any number of enemies stuck inside each other. It’s usually worth doing one shot into super thick hordes if you can spare the ammo (that you usually can’t because you have around 30-35 charged shots in total).

Not THE best

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My bad. Still, it falls considerably short of the “dedicated” options.

Just give me a new pattern of shotgun instead. Or a proper attachments system. I’m quite fond of the lawbringer on Zealot. But they ALL need more ammo.

My experience with the shotguns is very limited but yeah, they seem horribly ammo-starved compared to all the other options available. They’re fun to use, you just don’t get to use them much unless you’re a shameless ammo hoarder.

Point still stands. Its considerably better gun all around AND has more ammo… not saying that it should be nerfed… but shotguns should have ammo increased by half if not doubled and that would fix all the issues with them. Because for now, each Mk has specific use, which does pretty well, but cant do it sustainably because of ammo shortage, where guns that can do same roles BETTER have more ammo than shotguns.

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The shotguns are reloading simulators. The Agripinaa shotgun using the slug hotshots could have been a contender for one of the best weapons in the game that also has a high skill ceiling, but no amount of skill is going to make up for the fact that you spend most of the time loading slugs and almost no time actually shooting.

Slug headshot kills should load another slug in the time it takes a normal shot to cycle. I don’t care if this is in the form of a blessing or an inherit trait of the weapon. That would make the weapon extremely viable in the hands of an accurate player.

If fatshark intends the thing to essentially be a video game bolt action sniper rifle in the form of a shotgun, meaning the long time between shots is an integral part of the weapon, it needs to kill every non-boss enemy in the game in one slug headshot from any range, with the only exception being perhaps Crushers, which should take no more than 2.

Anything less than one of these options places the weapon squarely in the F tier garbage range.

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They don’t. 40k already has those and they are called stub rifles. There appears to be one planned for Darktide. They intend the agripinaa to be a shotgun meant for headclicking which it does quite well. Its the least flexible shotgun but it still plays like a shotgun.

It doesn’t do anything well in its current state. If you are indeed correct and a bolt action rifle is coming to Darktide, the damage and range values on the Agripinaa can stay as they are now, but it desperately needs a fire rate increase after headshot kills.

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Agrip should fire slugs as default. Loading regular shells so you can hit multiples should be the exception.

honestly I think boosting the ammo (+25-50%) and reworking the special ammo for lawbringer is all the shotguns need.

Lawbringer special just needs +1 cleave and better infested damage.
All shotguns need +50%~ ammo.

Otherwise shotguns are fine.

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I think all of the shotguns are fun and plenty effective, my favorite being the Agripinaa Mark VII. I dress up in my new, dreg-themed penance drip and cosplay as a hobo with a shotgun!

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  • They’re all stagger machines
  • If you’re good at the aiming and pick your targets, topping off one round at a time is useful
  • It one shot headshots almost everything

Sure, it’s to get carried away and just blast everything indiscriminately, but that’s because it’s so damn fun and satisfying :ok_hand: . I feel like I’m summoning the 40k spirit of Jerry Miculek every time I use it.

Now if only the revolver made me feel like Bob Mundy…

maybe, I still feel like the lawbringer special don’t bring a lot compared to the other rounds, it just provid more of the same. Maybe a bigger knock back could be nice.

The lawbringer is the best allrounder shotgun of the lot with the best normal buckshot of the bunch at all ranges. The duckbill shot is pretty great as a horde clear and way more ammo efficient than shooting into hordes with buckshot. It has excellent stagger against light targets, it just needs better effect on target against poxwalkers.

Against groaners you can kill ~36 in 3-4 shots but poxwalkers takes like 2x that number to kill only 24. If it could penetrate 3 targets instead of two and did higher damage to walkers it’d be a real street sweaper. The flame round can do similar work but, at least against groaners, I don’t find it more ammo efficient. Its main perk is that it can blast lots of heavier targets.

The Agripinaa is a different type of weapon all together and is more of a pocket sniper rifle with sidesaddle shotgun utility. Great on zealot of course. I like all three but lawbringer is actually my favorite. Just needs more ammo and a touch of help on the special to bring it up to the task it is intended to do.

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Instructions unclear. Am out of ammo now…

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I think the lawbringer needs to ditch the “special” of having the duck billed choke and instead give it a special of just extreme buckshot. Like have it do 000 magnum buck instead of the regular 00 buck

I do agree about the combat shotguns. They just feel a bit lackluster compared to many of the other guns. The low ammo puts me off using them, as I don’t want to feel like an ammo hog for the rest of the team.

Also, I’ve never found the Lawbringer particularly enjoyable to use. I agree the special should be changed, or just give it more oomph on the knockback.

Its 40k! Guns should be OTT (not overpowered, just have satisfying impact)

These are not bad recommendations.

The takeaway for shotguns is that they need to be purpose-built for what you want them to do. If you want decent single target damage, you need no respite and/or full bore. If you want lawbringer special to actually do something, get +25% infested and fire frenzy. The shotguns themselves are a little on the weak side, but their blessings and perks make them good - which makes them blessing/perk-dependent, but they’re by no means bad. Ideally it would be better if the base weapon itself was slightly stronger (and the damage blessings slightly weaker), but right now this game has bigger sharks to fry in terms of balance.

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