Curios Comparison in the Shop

Hello Fellow Rejects!

One suggestion I can give as a better Quality of Life and just simply Easier UI!

When you go into the Shop you get the big list of weapons and Curios available to you.

Upon selecting the Curio in the shop and hitting Compare… it only compares it to one other Curio you have (out of a possible 3) and i am assuming that is the first curio slot in you inventory.

My suggestion is when hitting compare showing all 3 potential Curios you have in your Inventory for easier comparison instead of having to hop between your inventory and the shop to make comparison!

Especially for the Ogryns out there including me… ME DONT SHOP EASY.

I hope this suggestions reaches the Dev’s for better and Easier UI for Curios.

May the Emperor Forever Be On Your Side.

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