CTD | Player joining causing crash?

GUID: d9823ac2-9074-46b1-964f-9e8099066f0c
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/player/player_manager.lua:166: attempt to index local ‘side’ (a nil value)

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Someone starting to load in to join( character is not fully in but can use chat functionality) then crashes before actually being in the game.

  • Someone starts Joining
  • Crashes before fully entering the lobby.
    -Has happened twice in the same circumstances.

Console logs For Reference:
console-2022-06-04-17.21.14-5c55aca2-f35b-4d23-a78a-e0e67368c883.log (588.8 KB)

Thank you for reporting, we’re aware of this crash and working on it.

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