Cruelty beyond measure

Why must Fatshark torture me so, upon the first of April of making a joke of Bardin’s new album? I WANT IT.


And this slight of teasing is going to the Dammaz Kron, mark my words!


Many days I believe myself kind and forgiving…

… today I have become an ol’ grumbler. The longbeards will not forgive. The longbeards will not forget.

Then again, it was pretty painfully obvious from the artwork and the lack of information on the store-page that it didn’t actually exist, but I wanted it so badly

Well played, FatShark. Well played…


Tosspot changes profile picture, profile background, and user card background to Dwarfen iconography and art

As the Lord of Naught and Boy of the Great Fields, I’m officially declaring this the Slayer Oath equivalent for forum users.

Every wrong is recorded, every slight against us, page after page - etched in blood. The manlings must pay.


Life simply isn’t like it once was, and therefore I will forevermore grumble regarding the audiobook featuring Bardin Goreksson. How am I to slay raki and kazaki’dum filth, knowing that the perfect tune exists for it?

Good that you’ve noticed. I am going out today to dye my hair red, and to get a small mohawk and walk the path of Karak Kadrin.

Add it to the book, dawri. Make sure that the bulbous shark pays a lesson for teasing us folk who want a good tune!

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Marcus is not in that book is he? O.o

As Tilean living on the right side of the Apuccini, I have to say, they are northlanders!


I accept this judgement. Today I am an ol’ grumbler; but if I put myself beyond the point of no return, I will gladly take the Slayer-Oath.

I think this should become a norm. Sounds hilarious and fun.

Also, @SmokerT69, did you make that? That’s fantastic! Hah!

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No I didn’t make, don’t even remember where I got it. Prolly off the Steam artwork section or one of the vermintide discords xD

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