Crashing, PS5, Logging in/“Loading Sittings”

Been unable log in/play Vermintide 2 since September. Game crashes when pressing X on the “Press X to start game” prompt appears. I play on PS5 and have deleted and reinstalled game twice to no avail. My region is Australia.

Hi @Jake,

Very sorry to hear this! Can you please provide me with your PSN ID so we can take a look?


My PSN ID is GOTYA121. Thank you for looking into this.

Hi @Jake,

Do you play in Online mode or Offline mode?

Potentially, the issue could be due to something being wrong with your save file.

I play online and have never played offline.

Perfect, in which case you should be able to resolve the issue by deleting your save data :slight_smile:

No progress will be lost as you play in Online mode, though please note you will lose your options settings, and will need to configure them again.

Fixed! I appreciate your help, thank you.

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No problem! Glad to hear that! :grin:

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