Crash occurs when player joins already started room which is connected with twitch mode

When I play game with twitch mode as host,
if someone joins my room which is already started, then crash occurs.

Crash time : 2020-05-26 22:25

GUID: 75722666-50a1-427e-8404-364769df315d
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: stingray::plugin_api::unit::local_pose failed, UnitReference is not valid.Assertion failed unit != nullptr at D:\agent-work\data-dir\engine_release_season_2_2019_11_13\runtime\application\plugin\c_api\c_api_unit.cpp:81 in function stingray::plugin_api::unit::local_pose

console-2020-05-26-10.28.22-8c34ec91-4311-45ca-bdca-de43f5a53b2d.log (1.3 MB) crash_dump-2020-05-26-10.28.22-8c34ec91-4311-45ca-bdca-de43f5a53b2d.dmp (640.2 KB)

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Thank you for your report, I’ve raised this in our database.


I’ve encountered this like 3-4 times. When I try to join hosts with Twitch mode enabled, their game crashes.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to QP games. Hosting QP with Twitch causes crashes, hosting a Custom Game (That others join through QP) doesn’t.


Thank you. ill try it later :slight_smile:

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