Convocation of Decay - Dialouge in the wrong spot

Issue Summary:
There’s an ‘on sight’ trigger in convocation of decay that’s in the wrong spot. I think it’s right after the door event, but I suspect it’s supposed to be in the very beginning of the level where all of the books are. Saltzpyre talks a bout alarge store of knowledge, Kerillian teases Kruber “soo many books” etc. only you’re in a sewer long after passing the library.

Also Saltzpyre occasionally says “Thanks dwarf” when healed by Kruber.

Steps to Reproduce:

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Common (< 50%)

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Yeah that one isn’t the only one. You can also get a lot of totally mismatched attempts at starting a conversation at War Camp, near the tree, and Fort Brax, after you get across the river. The level commentary triggers are so snoggered it hurts to think of.

  • “Thanks, Bardin” when Salty(often in BH career) is healed by Krub, heard that a lot of times right after Halescourge boss, but probably location doesn’t matter.

  • Kerillian says that she’s gonna lose the bet, and Kruber asks “Bet? What bet?” while no Bardin is in party, thus nobody to answer him. Maybe it’s intended.

  • Kerillian says that she claimed dozens on the bridge, and Salty asks about nuln units, Kerillian doesn’t answer on that, don’t know if intended.

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