Client became unable to attack and block, and then crashed after dying

Me and my friend were playing a Horde + Rot deed on twitch. My friend suddenly became unable to attack and block while fighting a horde. He was still unable to block and attack after being downed and getting revived. After dying, the game crashed for him after a few seconds.

console-2021-02-01-16.32.08-3ee52820-6f3f-411f-91cc-34cad3a95c54.log (1.2 MB)
crash_dump-2021-02-01-16.32.08-3ee52820-6f3f-411f-91cc-34cad3a95c54.dmp (576.9 KB)

Thanks for the report @Haiken, I’ve raised this in our database - we’ll investigate!

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