Chaos Spawn still bugged

The Chaos Spawn still stucks in his animation, if it eats someone and he get downed through it.

console-2018-09-22-09.41.26-07AA83FE-2743-4936-B898-A2A5.log (1.3 MB)

Into the Nest - 3rd tome location

Sorry Darth, am I right in saying if the Chaos Spawn picks up and begins munching on a player, and then the Chaos Spawn is downed, the animation continues to play?

It´s an old thread of me, but i don´t have permission to it. It fell under your “cleaning-action”

Here another one: Chaos spawn bug still exists

The CS eats someone and the player dies, then the CS stucks in his own animation. It doesn´t attack anyone, just follow the players.

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