Chaos spawn grabbed while still in his starting room and dropped me off the map

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  1. Play Hab Dreyko
  2. Make your way to the medicae station shown in the timestamped video (9:03)
  3. Stand there like a chump, failing to notice the chaos spawn smashing through the wall right next to you
  4. Get grabbed while the chaos spawn is still in his starting room
  5. Get dropped by the chaos spawn off the map

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Hab Dreyko

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Steam (PC)

well its called chaos spawn, so its purpose is to spawn chaos. like the panzerschreck that schrecks panzers. :smile: jokes aside its really annoying for animations having a complete “no-clip” effect sending you off to places without chances to get back.

would it be so hard to make outer walls only solid from the inside? starting area in hab dreyko right to the first ramp leading inside the building has a fake wall opposite the loot crate, so does throneside.

having enemies spawn through walls seems possible when its convinient against you why not both ways.

had a trip to the other side in torrent where i could jump back across the broken bridge. other than that it was “idclip” and “idspispop” for good

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