Chain Weapons and Cleave Blessings

Chain weapons have single and multi target attacks, which plays into their main gimmick. Empowered swings allow the multi target swings to cleave through weaker enemies before hitting max hitmass and stopping to chain a target. Unfortunately having ‘ignore hitmass’ blessings can make it impossible to lock onto even a Crusher with Eviscerator H1 or Chainsword H1/H2.

This is a huge nerf for the Chainsword particularly, because the damage of a powered heavy is roughly 1.4x the damage of a revved light or push attack. According to the designers this is intended, but for players is this anything except a giant nerf that basically bricks the weapon? Its a lot less of a hassle for the Eviscerator because it has a single target H2.

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targets you cleave through with active shredder receive more damage, not by much tho.