Cannot use my ability?

Hi there,

I’ve got some issues, I can’t use my abilities anymore in-game, even if I change the key to use it, it still does absolutly nothing…
That’s kinda annoying I have to say ^^’
Anyone had the same issue ? Any solutions ?
I’ve started playing this game yesterday btw (had a huge amount of fun with my friends). And as I started again today, I couldn’t use my ability anymore (my mates could though).
Please help me, I bought the ga

Is it like this on all careers or just one/a few of them?
Did you try restarting the game?

Sounds like an input issue - start by restarting Steam and Vermintide 2, and verify your installation if unsuccessful:

  1. Right-click Vermintide 2 in your Steam library sidebar
  2. Select ‘Properties’
  3. Select the ‘Local Files’ tab
  4. Select the ‘Verify the Integrity of Game Files’ button. This may take several minutes

If the issue persists, look in to what other programs are running on your PC - SteelSeries Engine, for example, is notorious for producing input issues.

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