Came freezes for all players for a fraction of a second when a conflag staff is used

Issue Summary:
When a Conflag staff hits a large group of enemies, all of the clients will experience a noticeable freeze.

I suspect it’s a caching problem on the host machine since they’re trying to access the new crispy skin textures and they’re getting a page fault that makes the game pause for all players.

It’s only happened with me with a single host, but everyone noticed it. We were doing deeds, so increased horde sizes may have had a role.

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I feel like you were just in the game I was hosting (Sarcasm on Steam).

I’d like to add that the freeze also occurred when a player died. When a player dies, after maybe five to ten seconds the game freezes for one to two seconds. This player death freeze lasts a little bit longer than the conflag freeze. It was annoying but didn’t feel crippling, until my group failed a deed because of this - Saltz died, and then the freeze from his death hit me mid dodge and made me get leeched.

Five to ten seconds is about the amount of time it takes for a player’s body to disappear after they die. It may have something to do with this.

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